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Alana [userpic]
Starving Artist Commissions
by Alana (alanahikarichan)
at October 3rd, 2008 (02:03 pm)

Mood: chipper
Music: Rich Is Better/Just For The Moment ~ How Now, Dow Jones

Starving Artist Commissions*
Support Your Local Alana!
amature character artwork by commission

Pencil Sketches
Bust: $5
Full-body: $10

Digitally Colored
Bust: $10
Full-body: $15

Digitally Colored w/Background
$15-$30, depending on complexity

Talk to me! We'll figure prices out, whether you want multiple characters, coloring in pencil or paint, what-have-you. <3

Digitally colored busts
Two digitally colored characters w/simple background
Pencilwork headshots

I'm willing to do original characters, characters from games and shows and books and such, space aliens... references are good, or detailed descriptions. Payment on delivery, by paypal or cheque.
Commissions done on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Contact me:
E-mail: alanadekert@yahoo.com
AIM: aranamitouma **
Or just leave a comment here!

*: I'm not really starving-- except for moar monies so I can buy moar frivolous things, perhaps~
** I will pretty much never be home before ~10PM on Tuesdays, or ~7PM on Thursdays (US Central time), and thus will not be reachable by AIM-- but I'll still check my e-mail regularly through the day.

Alana [userpic]
[fic] And Other Poisoned Devils [1/?] [TFA, Lugnut*Blitzwing]
by Alana (alanahikarichan)
at July 19th, 2008 (08:53 pm)

TITLE: And Other Poisoned Devils [1/?]
AUTHOR: alanahikarichan
FANDOM: Transformers: Animated
PAIRING: Lugnut/Blitzwing
GENRE: Slash
TABLE: http://alanahikarichan.livejournal.com/48635.html
RATING: G, so far
SUMMARY: Lugnut Minor had always been the most loyal of Autobots.
WARNINGS: None that can't be discerned from the above information~
NOTES: For 10_crackfics.
silver_drake is love for the betaing and emotional support~ and for making me fall madly in love with this pairing in the first place. XD
DISCLAIMER: TFA isn't mine; I just love it so much that I can't help but play with it~

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Alana [userpic]
[Tutorial: Low-Quality Animation]
by Alana (alanahikarichan)
at July 12th, 2008 (01:55 pm)

Mood: cheerful
Music: Too Many Mornings ~ Follies

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Alana [userpic]
Grahics Request Post!
by Alana (alanahikarichan)
at May 10th, 2008 (01:23 pm)

Mood: creative

Since making people happy makes me happy, I'm opening up a request post-- feel free to ask me for icons, banners, headers, wallpapers... or even tutorials, if that's your poison.

I can't guarantee that I'll be able to fill your request, but I'll certainly try!

[open indefinitely]

Alana [userpic]
by Alana (alanahikarichan)
at January 11th, 2008 (05:25 pm)

PS7 tutorial. Because I can.

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Alana [userpic]
Chess [Starcon2]
by Alana (alanahikarichan)
at December 10th, 2007 (07:39 pm)

Mood: calm

Title: Chess
Rating: G
Warnings: Aliens! Specifically, fuzzy ones.
Wordcount: 824
Notes: An RP I'm applying to wanted a 500+ word sample of my writing about the character I'm applying as. Thus, this. :3

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Alana [userpic]
Another 30 PSP backgrounds. I AM GEEKY Y/Y
by Alana (alanahikarichan)
at December 1st, 2007 (11:31 pm)

Misc. Fandoms
Gaara (Naruto) : Sergei Dragunov (Tekken) : Penelo (FFXII)
Sano (Air Gear)

Metal Gear Solid
REX : Encampment

Jak & Daxter
Precursor Building : Jak 3

Fruits Basket
Stairs! : Kakeru and Yuki

Ouran High School Host Club

Kingdom Hearts
Kairi : Kairi and food : Sora and Kairi

Rurouni Kenshin
The Battosai : Sanosuke : Kenshin and Kaoru

Phoenix Wright
Edgeworth : Ema Skye : Ini

Yu Yu Hakusho
Koenma : Kurama : Keiko

Howl's Moving Castle
The Castle Moves : Hatmaking : The hat store
Celebrations : Walking Together : Hillside

Alana [userpic]
30 PSP Backgrounds
by Alana (alanahikarichan)
at November 19th, 2007 (04:50 pm)

Mood: chipper

Misc. Fandoms
Rikku (KH2) : D & Ten-chan (PSoH) : Sephiroth (FFVII)
Misty Island (J&D) : Mizerable (Gackt) : Bright (No fandom)
Cranes and Peonies (No fandom)

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Leaving the Water Tribe : Ice Floes

The Medicine Seller : Inn Stairway

Just Friends : Painting Outside the Frame

Phoenix Wright
Max Galactica : Franziska von Karma

Star Control 2
Like Strung Out Old Stars* : Talana : A Hero's Exile**
* Art by Zarla
** Art by me

Metal Gear Solid
Recruiting Johnathan : Major Ocelot : Liquid Snake
The Sorrow : Otacon : Meryl
Revolver Ocelot : PWND : Mmm, soda!
E. E. : "Remember the Alamo" : Shagohod

These were surprisingly fun to make. :D Some I made from desktop wallpapers I'd previously created, but most of these were from scratch. I've also tested them on my PSP, and all of them look pretty good, IMHO.

Sooo, I hope someone has a use for them~

Alana [userpic]
by Alana (alanahikarichan)
at November 4th, 2007 (06:49 pm)

Title: Daybreak, 2/(30?)
Wordcount: 1293
Warnings: None for this chapter.

The first 400 words are drabbles, as a challenge/motivation to myself.


Marak loved this city, loved its people, loved its market, loved the blue-grey ocean surrounded by yellow-grey cliffs, loved the yellow-grey cliffs crowded with yellow-grey stone buildings and small driftwood-white houses. Marak loved this city, more than he could say.

But it had never been a home for him. Even as a child, he had looked for something more to his life than this place, huge and busy though it might have been-- and as he grew towards adulthood, he thought he had found that "something" in the castle guard. He hadn't, though; perhaps he shared that with Prince Zariak.

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Alana [userpic]
Daybreak [NaNo] [1/30?]
by Alana (alanahikarichan)
at November 1st, 2007 (10:10 pm)

Mood: dead

Title: Daybreak, 1/(30?)
Wordcount: 1749
Warnings: None for this chapter.

Excuse me while I pass out from stress. On the first day. OH GOD.

I think I've figured out why this starts on Nov. 1-- first off, to kill me before my birthday (Nov. 3), and secondly, so authors will have a large supply of Halloween candy at their disposal, to consume while they're too busy to do things like make breakfast or eat lunch.

This took me twelve hours to write. At the same time, I managed 226 words of fanfiction, one hour of television, about five cups of tea that cooled too quickly, and more fun-sized candy bars than my waistline wants to think about.

... tomorrow, I have three classes in the morning.


"Your Majesty," Marak cried, "Please!"

King Isak stared coolly down at him. "While I am sure you have a reason for your request, I've already announced that my son is dead to me. If he does make his way home on his own, it will be a cause for great celebration--" Marak looked desperately hopeful for a moment, "-- but I will not allow any of my soldiers or guards to actively search for him. There are things more important than the life of a fifth son, even a fifth son who is also a prince."

Marak couldn't believe it-- but he could, all too easily. The king wasn't a kind king at all, nor had he ever been; his cool, even-handed justice meant that someone always payed for a crime. But that 'someone' is going to be Zariak, this time, he thought to himself, as he kneeled on the floor before the low dais and bowed his head to his king's wishes.

"Very well, Your Majesty," he told the floor, "I will not disobey your orders." He stood up without waiting to be told, turned away, and left as quickly as he could.

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