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Starving Artist Commissions

Starving Artist Commissions*
Support Your Local Alana!
amature character artwork by commission

Pencil Sketches
Bust: $5
Full-body: $10

Digitally Colored
Bust: $10
Full-body: $15

Digitally Colored w/Background
$15-$30, depending on complexity

Talk to me! We'll figure prices out, whether you want multiple characters, coloring in pencil or paint, what-have-you. <3

Digitally colored busts
Two digitally colored characters w/simple background
Pencilwork headshots

I'm willing to do original characters, characters from games and shows and books and such, space aliens... references are good, or detailed descriptions. Payment on delivery, by paypal or cheque.
Commissions done on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Contact me:
AIM: aranamitouma **
Or just leave a comment here!

*: I'm not really starving-- except for moar monies so I can buy moar frivolous things, perhaps~
** I will pretty much never be home before ~10PM on Tuesdays, or ~7PM on Thursdays (US Central time), and thus will not be reachable by AIM-- but I'll still check my e-mail regularly through the day.
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