Alana (alanahikarichan) wrote in sweetsmallglow,

PS7 tutorial. Because I can.

Tags: graphics, tutorial
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Hee! Thank you! I've been meaning to play with this effect for a good while! Thank you SO MUCH for making it easy for me! :) I'm adding this to my mems to play with it later.

*hugs you*
I'm glad I could help you out~ :D And it really is easy, isn't it? <3

*Is hugged* :D
Omg, and here I've been using the pen tool and repeatedly typing out dashes to get this type of dash and that causes SO MUCH LAG. I'll have to try this out.
Thank you so much! This was a great help. :)
Memming. Wonderful tut. ^___^
coool. thanks :)
That was awesome ^^
Thanks a lot. I'm looking for a tut like urs :D
You are fantastic! Thank you :D
Very helpful~ Thank you.

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If CS2 is at all like 7--

Select the eraser, then click the "brushes" tab that you would use to edit normal brushes. Most of the same options should be available.

Here's a screenshot of my workspace:

Does that help?

Deleted comment

thumbs up. memming. :)
WOAH! Thank you :D
thanks! good job~!! i'll try..
Great tutorial! Mem'ing, thank you!
very nicely done tutorial! would you please consider posting it to Icons
Thank you~

Oooh! I didn't know about that site! *Registers* Yeah, I'll happily submit the tut there~


9 years ago


January 29 2008, 16:59:20 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  January 29 2008, 16:59:36 UTC

<3! *just saw this now lawlz*
XD BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. And I'm glad you like it~


9 years ago

OH MAH GAH! Thank you so much!
This tutorial even made me feel SMART! hahahahaa

memming =)
Thanks so much for your Tutorials :D
I'm confused.
don't know what you're confused about, but as a general note, this only works if the "paths" option is selected:
This tutorial makes no sense at all. The stroke ended up deleting stuff instead of adding the lines. Don't know where I went wrong here. Please help. Thanks.