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30 PSP Backgrounds

Misc. Fandoms
Rikku (KH2) : D & Ten-chan (PSoH) : Sephiroth (FFVII)
Misty Island (J&D) : Mizerable (Gackt) : Bright (No fandom)
Cranes and Peonies (No fandom)

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Leaving the Water Tribe : Ice Floes

The Medicine Seller : Inn Stairway

Just Friends : Painting Outside the Frame

Phoenix Wright
Max Galactica : Franziska von Karma

Star Control 2
Like Strung Out Old Stars* : Talana : A Hero's Exile**
* Art by Zarla
** Art by me

Metal Gear Solid
Recruiting Johnathan : Major Ocelot : Liquid Snake
The Sorrow : Otacon : Meryl
Revolver Ocelot : PWND : Mmm, soda!
E. E. : "Remember the Alamo" : Shagohod

These were surprisingly fun to make. :D Some I made from desktop wallpapers I'd previously created, but most of these were from scratch. I've also tested them on my PSP, and all of them look pretty good, IMHO.

Sooo, I hope someone has a use for them~
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