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30 PSP Backgrounds

Misc. Fandoms
Rikku (KH2) : D & Ten-chan (PSoH) : Sephiroth (FFVII)
Misty Island (J&D) : Mizerable (Gackt) : Bright (No fandom)
Cranes and Peonies (No fandom)

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Leaving the Water Tribe : Ice Floes

The Medicine Seller : Inn Stairway

Just Friends : Painting Outside the Frame

Phoenix Wright
Max Galactica : Franziska von Karma

Star Control 2
Like Strung Out Old Stars* : Talana : A Hero's Exile**
* Art by Zarla
** Art by me

Metal Gear Solid
Recruiting Johnathan : Major Ocelot : Liquid Snake
The Sorrow : Otacon : Meryl
Revolver Ocelot : PWND : Mmm, soda!
E. E. : "Remember the Alamo" : Shagohod

These were surprisingly fun to make. :D Some I made from desktop wallpapers I'd previously created, but most of these were from scratch. I've also tested them on my PSP, and all of them look pretty good, IMHO.

Sooo, I hope someone has a use for them~
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Yay PSP wallpapers! I might use some :3
Wow, these look great! I especially like The Sorrow wallpaper. Great job!
Funny story: I just got a PSP. Like, last week. XD

Now I just need to figure out how to get them on there. <_< *got it second hand and has no instruction manual*
:D GO YOU. Mine has completely destroyed any hope of succeeding at NaNo been a lot of fun~

Do you have a USB cord for it? If so, plug the PSP into the computer, and select Settings > USB Connection; it appears on my computer as a memory card, a separate drive. You can then copy in whatever you want to the appropriate folders on the memory card, back up your save files, install some homebrew... All that stuff. :3 Good luck~!

Well, not technically, since the guy I bought it from forgot it when he brought everything by, but my MP3 player's cord actually has the same end on it, so it looks like I can use that. XD

Ooooo, awesome. :D Thanks!! (Like I said - secondhand and no instructions. XD)

Also, I'm nearly done your Christmas present!! ^___^

In other words, I now have both Ouran, both ATLA, and five of the misc backgrounds on my PSP and they are awesome. But I'm still a Naruto fangirl at heart. XD
Naruto, you say? Well, that's too darn bad, because you'll just have to settle for Gaara. XD
AFHISDadfgdffdaLhUSDGULISDNTGRNalhfdkhghlshgjd;ljgoergaoihfinhg-- *spazflailasplodewithjoy*

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! *downloads to her PSP and sets as background* You're so good to me~!

XD *Bows* It was nothing~ <3 I like making these things. :D

I <3 it! Oh, BTW, I finished your Christmas prezzie~! YAY!
D: NO SOLID SNAKE?!!? OR at least big boss? lol
anywayz, the backgrounds are awesome *____*
WELL I suppose if there's demand I could try to make something like that for you~ though I've been, uh, less than motivated to make PSP wallpapers since my PSP's screen broke. >.>

But here~ HAVE SOME BB :D

WHUT?!?!?! D: OMFG!!!!!!!! you I D: omfg! I was joking!!!1one11! you didn't have to D: *looks at the bg*........ T_T wth, I LOVE IT!!!!!!11 NOW, i can DIE happy!!..*puts the bg on psp, then, dies happily* lol
*bows thousands of times like an idiot* thank you very much!!!!! Really, THANK YOU T____T I hope I didn't cause you trouble or made you mad, if so, I'm REALLY sorry, the confusion it was my fault, really, REALLY sorry >_____>...
btw, wth were u doing with your psp D: that it's screen broke? lol
again, Thank you very much.
No, no, I don't mind at all! XD It was a quick one anyway~ and I love to make people happy. XD There's no need to apologize~

Apparently, I broke my PSP's screen by... being within three feet of it. >.> I slipped it into my coat pocket during a class, pull it out after class, and the screen's cracked and un-usable. It was a very "whut NO" moment, believe you me. But that was a couple months ago~ I'm over the trauma, and have plans to replace the screen when I have the money to spare. :3
well, i can only say thank you very much T_T

And.. oh, that's ... sad? lol. I wish you good luck with replacing the screen XD.

thank youuuu!!!~~ XD